Government, agencies warn of black market COVID vaccine offers

Parliament opens an inquiry into vaccine fraud as rollout issues create perfect environment for black marketers.


AMA warns COVID is coming and we’re not ready

The AMA believes Australia is ill-prepared for a return of COVID-19 and that the disease 'is coming'.


What to do after you receive your COVID-19 vaccination

Minor side-effects, including headache, a slight fever and tiredness are likely after your COVID vaccination.


What people who have received AstraZeneca say about the side-effects

Half of those who receive the vaccine will experience side-effects, say officials. These recipients describe the impact.


Vaccinations, transmission, contact tracing: COVID questions answered

Vaccination does not allow us to stop other important measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, mask wearing, avoiding crowded indoor settings, and regular hand washing.


Pfizer vaccine safe despite Norwegian deaths, say health authorities

Health minister Greg Hunt is assuring Australians the Pfizer vaccine is safe despite reports from Norway that up to 30 elderly people have died after being inoculated.


Qantas’ controversial COVID policy

Passengers will have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before entering or leaving Australia on a Qantas plane, and could be asked to show a vaccination passport to prove it.


Ethicist endorses pay for jabs

Ethicist Professor Julian Savulescu says people should be paid to get a COVID-19 vaccination.


Why? Coronavirus conspiracy theories

Why conspiracy theories have gained a foothold during pandemics such as the coronavirus crisis.


Answers to your flu questions

We’ve put together answers to some of the most asked questions about the flu. Including when to get the flu shot, what to do if you get the flu and more.


Expert tells why flu shot is vital

Deputy Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton explains why it is important for everyone – not just those most vulnerable – to get a flu vaccination now.

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Which vaccines should you have?

Vaccinations are considered the best way of guarding yourself against serious infections, especially as you age. So which vaccinations should you have?

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