Poll reveals support for vaccinations and compulsory masks

But fewer Australians are happy to be vaccinated now than at the start of the pandemic.


Flu, pneumonia shot stops Alzheimer’s

Your influenza and pneumonia vaccinations may have more benefits than intended with new research showing they are associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


COVID reduces flu, and flu shots

Flu rates are at record low rates, in part due to COVID-19, but the pandemic has also created a scarcity of flu vaccinations.


The shots you need to have

Are you having all the recommended vaccinations for your age?

Health news

Aussies warned of major travel risk

Measles cases are on the rise, so the Australian Academy of Science is urging Australians heading overseas to make sure their measles vaccinations are up to date.


Which vaccinations do you need?

Leon is travelling to Vietnam this month and wants to know which vaccinations he needs. So, in Travel SOS, he digs out the answer to his own question.


Do you need travel vaccinations?

Your holiday is the last place you want to get sick. Vaccinations are essential to preventing dangerous diseases. So which countries require vaccinations?

Health Checks

Are your vaccinations up to date?

At least one in four Australians aged 60 and over are not having the recommended vaccinations for their age, putting their health at risk and increasing their chance of dying from preventable illness.

Travel News

Top five travel mistakes

Flying to the wrong place, having your luggage end up in quarantine and over-packing are just some of the travel mistakes we can help you to avoid.