25 ingenious cleaning tricks

There are very few people who look forward to house cleaning, although these 25 terrific cleaning tips will make your job a little bit easier.


Italian grandmas try bad Italian food

If you think restaurant critics in the paper are harsh, wait until you see what happens when Italian grandmas are asked their opinion on restaurant chain Olive Garden.


‘Kids are awesome’ video

Looking for a quick pick-me-up? This video compilation will remind you just how outstanding kids can be.


Sri Lanka’s amazing elephant rescue

Elephants are well known for loving a paddle, but some take it too far.


Meet Australia’s rhino whisperer

Meet Mark Mills, an Australian zookeeper dubbed the ‘rhino whisperer’, after he lulls to sleep a white rhino rejected by his mother.


10 terrific kitchen tricks

These 10 terrific kitchen tricks will save you time in the kitchen, so you can get out and share more good times with your family and friends.


The secret to a good life

Watch our video of the week to discover the lessons learned from a 75-year study of adult development. What do you think the most important factor for health and happiness will be?


Best Carpool Karaoke moments

James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ is an ingenious segment involving singers and celebrities cruising around with the British comedian, and belting out their most well-known tunes.


What is Expedition 196?

The first woman to visit every country on Earth, Cassie DePecol has been places most of us will never set foot in. Hear about her experience in today’s video of the week.


Ryan Gosling … enough said

So you’ve seen Ryan Gosling in The Notebook and La La Land, but have you seen the Hollywood heart throb star in this musical video?


Rockin’ and roller skatin’ at 76

Rolling around on two wheels is no mean feat. But Burt DeZarn is a roller skating whiz and, at 76, shows no sign of slowing down.


A toast to our unknown champions

There’s no shortage of ads that I never want to watch again. But this Vegemite ad is not in that category. Witty and with a story to make you grin, this is marketing at its best!

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