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Travel Vision: Globus reminds travellers that their minds can still wander

Globus has released a new video reminding travellers that despite these unprecedented times, and even though we are locked down, our minds can still wander anywhere they please


Travel Vision: Viking TV designed to bring the world to you

Viking has launched Viking.TV, a new digital platform designed to provide enriching cultural content and livestreaming video experiences from around the world.

Travel News

Travel Vision: Your (and my) favourite travel flicks of 2019

Dance crews, baggage blues and flying toupees starred in this year’s top travel vids.


Tourism Australia’s new campaign slammed on social media

Tourism Australia’s new ‘philausophy’ on promoting tourism to our wide brown land has been met with mixed responses.


Sandra Oh shows you how to fly like a Canadian

Air Canada launches its Travel Like a Canadian campaign, a series of fun how-to-be-a-better traveller promos featuring prominent Canadian celebrities.


Travel Vision: Naughty ads increase tourism to Europe’s ‘G-spot’

Vilnius’ infamous ‘G-spot of Europe’ campaign has certainly attracted some attention, having recently won best destination campaign at the International Travel and Tourism Awards in London.


Virgin Australia may have missed the mark on its new campaign

Virgin Australia’s newest campaign called Up, Up and Toupee – a video of a flying toupee – is meant to suggest how amazing it feels to fly, but we think Virgin may have missed the mark on this one.

South Australia

South Australia Tourism doubles down on controversial ad

South Australia Tourism has doubled down on its controversial campaign slammed as ageist and offensive, releasing a sequel to the ‘Don’t Feel sorry for old mate’ advert.


China Airlines’ new travel ad is twisted but funny

Slightly twisted, but very funny – China Airlines takes a different approach to travel advertising with its latest campaign #WhatTravelBringsYou.


Here’s why you should always wear your seatbelt

There’s a reason the captain always says you should wear your seatbelt while flying, even when the seatbelt sign is turned off. Case in point: this video


Ten things you didn’t know about flight attendants

There are probably many things you don’t know about flight attendants, but watch this video to learn about their jobs and how to make the whole flying experience so much more enjoyable for you and them!


When it comes to holidays, this tiny town has big pull

Watch this video and you’ll see that Dawson City is a magical place that is easy to love and potentially difficult to leave – and the perfect place for a heavenly holiday.

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