Does wearing glasses protect you from coronavirus?

China study shows remarkably low infection rates among people who wear glasses.


The fake restaurant that fooled TripAdvisor

Oobah Butler described TripAdvisor as, “a false reality that everyone took completely seriously. Over the years I just thought the only bit of TripAdvisor that is unfakeable is a restaurant itself. And one day I thought, ‘Oh, maybe it is actually fakeable.’”


How to avoid the 'big four' eye diseases

Optometry expert Dr Ben Ashby explains the ‘big four’ risks to your eyesight and how to avoid loss of vision.


Travel may be on standby, but we’re in it together

Travel may be on standby, and we must wait a little longer, but we’re in it together.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

What you need to know about your eye health

Dr Devinder Chauhan – retinal ophthalmologist for the Vision Eye Institute – joins John to talk about Macula Month and why it’s so important that you keep your eye on your optical health. Dr Chauhan discusses macula degeneration, whether it can be avoided and what you can do to stave it off or treat it.

Your Health

Seven eye health mistakes that put your sight at risk

We know our vision is important, yet we often take our eyes for granted, neglecting problems until it’s too late.


Advantages of disability

Could there be positives in failing sight and hearing? Peter Leith believes so.

Your Health

What are eye floaters?

Have you ever noticed strange little cobwebs or squiggly lines in your vision?

Health & Ageing

How to protect and maintain your eyesight

Your eyesight is one of your most important senses. Find out how to protect your vision and maintain the health of your eyes, especially as you age.


Don’t ignore early signs of cataracts: expert

Cataracts are a condition of the eye that can lead to seriously impaired vision if not addressed, according to Vision Eye Institute ophthalmologist Dr Andre Horak.


Study links dark chocolate to improved vision

A new study has found that eating dark chocolate may improve vision.


Eleven tips to help keep a youthful eyesight

Regular visits to an optometrist could nip a vision problem in the bud and keep your eyesight youthful.

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