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Are expense reimbursements treated as income by Centrelink?

Elizabeth does some volunteer work and isn’t sure how Centrelink treats expense reimbursements.


The $46.5 billion-dollar key held by older Australian volunteers

If older Australians were to cease donating their time for volunteering it would leave the Government with a $46 billion hole to fill.


Travel SOS: Can I claim ‘voluntourism’ costs?

In a bid to legally reduce how much tax he needs to pay, part-pensioner John was wondering if costs incurred during volunteer work can be claimed as deductions.


Why don’t senior women win awards?

“WTF is going on with the Seniors’ Week awards,” my feisty friend asked? “Was it mates of Harvey Weinstein who made the decision?”



A volunteer vacation gives you the opportunity to spend some time overseas, do something positive for the people who live there and enjoy a life-changing experience.


Alone for Christmas

Not everyone has family and friends with whom to share the holiday season, sometimes through choice, sometimes not. However, there are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself busy.


Volunteering in health care

Now that her husband can no longer work full time, Heather is keen to help him use his valuable nursing qualifications as a volunteer. But is there any need for such experience?

Maritime enthusiasts wanted

Do you love everything maritime and could spend hours in the Australian National Maritime Museum? Then why not consider volunteering?

Travel Q&A

Volunteering while travelling

Pam is keen to take on some voluntary work on her next holiday, but isn’t sure what is involved and how to go about finding a worthwhile project.


Camp Gallipoli volunteers wanted

If you have some spare time over the ANZAC Day holiday, perhaps you might like to consider volunteering at a Camp Gallipoli event near you.


Volunteering for first timers

Millions of Australians of all ages participate in volunteer work. If you’ve been teetering on the brink of volunteering, here are 10 ideas on how to get going.

Tours & Trips

Volunteering holidays overseas

Travel can lead to so much more than just a simple holiday. Discover why volunteering overseas has the potential to give you the trip of a lifetime.

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