Conserving a great place

Victoria's Great Ocean Road isn't just a picturesque drive, it offers the chance to walk in nature and hunt for the treasures of the land.


Saving Pete the possum

Last weekend I took my dog out for a walk and was intrigued by his reluctance to wee against a particular tree. On further inspection I soon found out why.


Volunteering opportunities

Opportunities to volunteer both in Australia and overseas are boundless and you may even learn something new along the way. If you're keen but not sure where to start, these organisations can give you an idea of what's involved and what's available.


Green Gym

Many local community groups and organisations need volunteers to help them undertake new projects and the health benefits which a little manual labour can deliver are a positive side effect.


Volunteering online

If jumping on a plane is too expensive, and signing up to help at your local op-shop is too time consuming, you can still become a volunteer without leaving the comfort of your swivel chair.


Volunteering programs

YOURLifeChoices member Barbara is taking a trip to India and is keen to volunteer while she's there. It takes more than just turning up and some careful planning and consideration must be taken before heading off.


Share your skills

Whether you’re still working part-time and have some free time or have finished work altogether but still have skills to pass on, there are youth mentoring programs around Australia crying out for your experience. n


Indulge your passion

If you have a passion for steam engines then Redwater Creek Steam and Heritage Society in northern Tasmania would like to hear from you.


Volunteering overseas

Volunteering overseas, sometimes called voluntourism, is all about giving something back while you travel. Overseas volunteer programs can run for anything from one week to a year.


Volunteering in Australia

Did you know that 34 per cent of the adult population in Australia contribute more than 700 million hours each year volunteering? Being generous with your time can be a great way to get out of the house and meet new people.

Age Pension

Volunteering and Centrelink

If you are receiving Centrelink benefits volunteering can be a great alternative to paid work. Volunteering often won’t affect your payments, however it is important to find out if there are restrictions on the number of hours per week you can volunteer.


Withdrawing from a super fund

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Guy, would like to know what effect withdrawing money from his wife’s superannuation would have on his Age Pension.

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