Why Australian road rules should be rewritten to put walkers first

Cut any confusion and put walkers (and cyclists) first, says transport professor David Levinson.


I’ve fallen in love with walking – here’s why

Going for a walk can be a lot more than just a stroll around the block. Ms Jenny Stallard gives us her tips for using walking as exercise.


From toddle to totter: when each step is an adventure … and a reminder

Is there anything more joyful than watching a baby take his or her first steps?


How to make the most of outdoor exercise

Given the strict isolating measures to tackle coronavirus, here’s how you can make the most out of your outside exercise time.


Steppin’ out: Do you really know the health benefits of walking?

Walking offers health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. And best of all, it’s free and not difficult to fit into your daily routine, especially with Apia’s Steppin Out Walking Groups.


Wise up with this refresher on personal safety

No one wants to be fearful, but follow these tips and put your personal safety first.


Is walking enough exercise to keep you healthy?

Walking is a great way to get about, but how much is enough before it can be called exercise?


Six causes of knee pain and what to do about it

Sore knees can stop you taking part in activities and if acute can even stop you performing basic functions. We look at the common causes and ways to treat the problem.


Walking is the easiest exercise and can help reduce weight

Walking is the easiest form of exercise you can do. For those unused to physical activity, it’s a great way to help you lose weight and become healthier and happier.


Travel SOS: European walking tours

Jacqui loves walking but likes to tread the path less travelled by tourists so in this week’s Travel SOS, Lee Mylne offers alternative walking tracks in Europe.

Weight Loss

Walk your way to better health and fitness

For many people, walking is the easiest and most convenient way to improve their health and fitness, and lose weight. So how can you make the most of your daily steps?

Travel News

Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk: four days well spent

The Great Ocean Road is more than just a scenic drive, as Andrea discovered when she hit the track for the 12 Apostles Lodge Walk. And with new friends made along the way, it’s a great option for solo travellers.

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