Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Building your wealth with the slow and steady approach

Gary Stone from Share Wealth Systems discusses taking the slow and steady approach to building your wealth.

Finance News

Australia’s wealthiest should be the Government’s next tax target

The 200 members of Australian Financial Review Rich List 2018 added 21.2 per cent to their personal fortunes with a collective total of $282.7 billion in wealth for this elite club.


It’s not baby boomers who are lucky, it’s their children

Do you feel as though you’re constantly forking out to help your adult children? If so, then you’re not alone, but are you really doing them any favours?


Research data finds that boomers earned more than Gen Y’s

Do you feel like the younger generation is making more money than you did? Research shows that baby boomers were wealthier than today’s Gen Y at the same age. But who had it easier?

Finance News

Money habits for happy couples

Managing your money and being on the same page with your partner about your finances will help you overcome one major challenge in a relationship – money.

Living in poverty

This week is Anti-Poverty Week. To launch the discussion on poverty in Australia, the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) has released a report which reveals 12.8 per cent (more than 2.25 million Australians) are living in poverty.