Get to know these internet phrases

Some phrases on the internet can often seem like a foreign language. Get to know a few of the most common internet phrases.


Five websites for weight loss

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or get healthy, these five free weight-management websites will give you the support you need.

Publisher's Pick

Mornington Peninsula pass and website

The Mornington Peninsula is my favourite place in Victoria

Computer Tutorials

Hotmail switches to Outlook

The world’s most popular email client of the past 10 years was recently overtaken by Gmail and has reacted by forcing clients to change to the new look Outlook client. Drew explains what this means and shares some handy shortcuts.

Computer Tutorials

Increase text size

Deteriorating vision is something which is ‘enjoyed’ by those who are lucky enough to be getting older. Drew explains how to increase the text size on any website.

Technology News

Website update

YOURLifeChoices is committed to continuing to improve our website. Drew explains three new changes and asks for your feedback.