Marian Keyes on fat-shaming

The Irish author is unapologetic about her obsession with beauty products, and says fat-shaming has to stop.


‘Skinny gene’ offers obesity hope

Scientists have isolated a gene that appears to help keep skinny people slim, potentially providing new treatments for obesity.


Obesity linked to Alzheimer’s

Australian researchers have found a link between obesity and shrinkage in an area of the brain responsible for memory and learning – the hippocampus.


Can pollution make you gain weight?

New study shows poor air quality alters human gut bacteria and can contribute to weight gain.


Benefits of weightlifting for seniors

There is this misconception that older aged individuals should stay away from any strenuous activities that could build strength such as weightlifting. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A review of 126 scientifically backed articles has concluded that there are 78 benefits of strength training for older adults.


Why people gain weight as they age

Many people struggle to keep their weight in check as they get older. Now we know why.

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Yo-yo dieting could be good for you

Repeatedly losing and regaining weight may lead to improved insulin levels and lower body fat percentages.


The blood-test fix for weight loss

The concept of ‘personal nutrition’ is building momentum after an international study showed vastly different reactions to the same diet.


Can you be overweight and healthy?

Can you be overweight and healthy? While health experts aren’t quite sure about the answer to this question, most agree that being overweight is not good for you.

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Avoid these mistakes to lose weight

Many people wonder why they’re not losing weight when they follow a strict diet and an exercise routine. This might be why.


Lose weight and keep it off

Most people know that reaching a healthy weight boils down to eating right and being active. Sounds simple, but how do you turn those principles into daily habits?


Best drinks for weight loss

We know there’s no ‘miracle shake’ or ‘detox tea’ that can make us shed those extra few kilos on command, and who can blame us? But don’t lose hope, here are six of the best affordable drinks that naturally assist with weight loss.

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