Boost your metabolism with these simple lifestyle tweaks

A higher metabolic rate burns more calories, making it easier to lose weight and keep it off. Here's how.


Men blame work and kids for ‘middle-aged’ spread, research finds

New research pinpoints what this group believes to be the cause of their weight gain.


The fruit that can add years to your life

They're cheap, they're a superfood and their nutritional benefits just keep adding up.

Health news

You're likely to be obese if you meet these four criteria

Study shows how education, postcode and housing status affect your waistline.


Longevity expert says snacks weaken our health

A leading researcher says eating too often can lower our resistance to chronic diseases.


How to manage the 'disease of kings'

One in 20 Australians get gout and it's painful, as Professor Andrew Brown can attest. He explains what causes gout and how to manage it.

Losing Weight

Mediterranean diet improves health more than weight loss

Research concludes that a Mediterranean diet is more important for longevity than whether a person is overweight or obese.

Weight Loss

Fatter legs linked to reduce risk of high blood pressure

Have you been blasting your thighs in an attempt to get the perfect set of ‘pins’ for summer? If you have fat legs, it turns out it might not be such a bad thing.


Marian Keyes on fat-shaming and ageist people

The Irish author is unapologetic about her obsession with beauty products, and says fat-shaming has to stop.


‘Skinny gene’ offers hope to those battling the bulge

Scientists have isolated a gene that appears to help keep skinny people slim, potentially providing new treatments for obesity.


Australian researchers discover link between weight and Alzheimer’s

Australian researchers have found a link between obesity and shrinkage in an area of the brain responsible for memory and learning – the hippocampus.


Researchers find surprising reason for weight gain

New study shows poor air quality alters human gut bacteria and can contribute to weight gain.

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