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Lifeline reports record number of calls

Chairman tells what we can all do and how to respond if we suspect someone is struggling.

Centrelink News

‘Not enough to live on’

Welfare bodies are campaigning for a permanent increase to JobSeeker and other welfare payments, saying the pre-coronavirus rate was below the poverty line and didn’t cover basic needs.

Age Pension payment rates

Time to address pensioners’ rental stress

Increased welfare payments during the pandemic fail to address the rental stress being experienced by age pensioners.


Welfare checks for older Australians

Welfare checks will be conducted on senior Australians who have elected to defer aged care home services during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Time for universal basic income

The deficiencies of current welfare nets have been demonstrated in Australia over the past week. World leaders saying they will do whatever it takes to minimise the impact of COVID-19 should include a universal basic income as part of the solution.

Age Pension

Talking COVID-19 with Hank Jongen

The face of Services Australia Hank Jongen joins YourLifeChoices for an exclusive COVID-19 podcast, taking time out to reassure members that Centrelink is doing everything it can to support you in these ‘unprecedented’ times.


Government’s next stimulus package

A pared-down parliament will aim to pass the government’s stimulus package in a single day’s sitting on Monday.

Age Pension

Income boost for age pensioners

Deeming rates have been cut for the second time in less than 12 months as the federal government moves to further stimulate the economy.

Centrelink News

Centrelink changes now law

As of July, welfare recipients will need to report their income as it appears on their payslip, rather than having to estimate a figure based on hours worked over a fortnight, after legislation passed the Senate on Thursday.

Centrelink News

Big Centrelink changes on the way

As Centrelink expands its reach online, more offices around the country are closing their doors, in a worrying new trend that will affect millions of Australians.

Centrelink – Services Australia

‘No duty of care’: government

The government claims it does not owe welfare recipients a duty of care over the robo-debt scandal, and denies any recipients caught up in the illegal scheme were placed under duress.

Centrelink News

Watch for Centrelink changes soon

Changes to reporting procedures for welfare recipients could be implemented as soon as July, should a draft legislation presented to parliament late last week pass by mid-May.

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