Women's Health

Hot flushes: What causes them and how to handle them

Lara Briden explains why women get hot flushes during menopause and the best treatments and those that should be avoided.


Petroleum jelly: What to use it for and when to avoid

Petroleum jelly is over 160 years old, and it still has so many uses.

Brain health

Study links dementia to poor kidney function

Older people with kidney disease have a higher risk of dementia, and the risk increases with the rate and stage of kidney function decline, says a new study.


Are you cleaning your ears properly?

Dr Deborah Lee reveals everything you need to know about safely cleaning your ears.


Top 10 saddest on-screen moments revealed

A new poll has revealed which on-screen moment is guaranteed to make you bawl.

Health essentials

How the terms doctors use influence whether you have surgery

How your doctor describes your medical condition can encourage you to say 'yes' to surgery when there are other less-invasive and more successful options.


Expert’s top five planning tips for positive ageing

"Positive people are proactive, not reactive so it's up to you to take charge," says ageing expert Marcus Riley, who shares his top five planning tips for positive ageing.


What does it mean to be happy, and can we be happy all the time?

Abi Jackson chats to psychotherapist Dr Dwight Turner about happiness.

Grief and Loss

How to cope with Mother’s Day if you’ve lost your mum

Bereavement experts suggest how to ease the pain of Mother's Day when your mum is no longer there to share it with.

Health & Ageing

Super agers changing the definition of ageing

More people aged 70, 80 and older are performing at the standard of 60-year-olds, study finds.


10 myths and facts about dental fillings

Do you need to replace fillings? Can they stop tooth decay? More than 4500 people were asked these questions, and more. Here are the answers.


Signs you’re not stretching enough

Stretching is the kind of thing we know we should be doing, but often find hard to fit into our busy lives.

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