Banking & Investment

Big banks delay rate cuts

Two of Australia’s biggest banks are expected to profit $68 million by not passing on the rate cut to customers until 17 days after the Reserve Bank decision.


Credit card late fee class action

Law firm Maurice Blackburn will today lodge an open class action lawsuit against ANZ, Citibank and Westpac over credit card late fees with lawsuits against NAB, American Express and the Commonwealth Bank expected to follow.


The future of banking

There is nothing more annoying than having someone send you money via EFT and for the funds to not clear into your bank account until 24-hours later. Drew explains how mobile banking is changing the industry and when you can expect instantaneous money transfers.


Superannuation shortfall solutions

Having enough money in superannuation to provide for a comfortable retirement should be high on your list of priorities, no matter what age you are. Unfortunately however, for many people it won’t be that easy, with information provided by the Westpac Bank showing that at age 70, only 1 in 5 Australians will have any superannuation left.