Five ways to make your wifi faster

Don’t wait on hold for hours or buy a brand new router, these five simple tips will help to make your home’s wifi internet faster without the hassle or cost.


How to make your internet connection more secure

Your internet connection allows you to interact with the world through your computer but, if left unsecure, it can become a hackers’ gateway for access to your information.


Eight great ways to make your wifi faster

It’s frustrating to watch that blue disc spinning whilst you wait for a webpage to load, and the coloured beach ball of doom on a Mac doesn’t make it any better. But our eight top tips for making wifi faster might.


Smart Poles to roll out around Australia

You may have noticed the Smart Pole popping up around Australia, but what exactly does it provide and how is it making your life safer and easier?


If you are experiencing wifi connection issues, try these tips

If your wifi connection keeps dropping out on your smartphone, you will chew through your data quickly, and that could prove expensive. If you are having wifi troubles, try these tips.


Qantas to trial free, fast wifi on domestic flights

Qantas’s ambition to lead the way in efficient in-flight wifi has become a reality. From February, the airline will commence trialling fast, free wifi on its domestic flights.


No connection between wifi signals, mobile phones use and brain cancer

The ABC's science program Catalyst is under review after an episode misled viewers into drawing a connection between wifi signals, mobile phone use and brain cancer.

Travel News

The fastest wifi at sea

Cruising has been one area where staying connected is still a challenge. Royal Caribbean’s latest offering is a game-changer that is set to blow competitors out of the water.


Using your smartphone for wifi

The answer to having decent internet access for your smart devices may be in your pocket. Here’s how to turn your smartphone into your very own personal wifi hotspot.


Find free wifi wherever you are

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are a fairly common accessory these days. Here’s how to access free wifi on the go, so you can stay connected without eating into your data plan.


5G wireless data breakthrough

5G wireless technology will transmit data at more than 1GB per second.


4G wifi devices

With the National Broadband Network (NBN) still at least two to three years away for most Australians, 4G wifi networks are becoming a viable option for a faster internet connection. Drew explains where 4G coverage is currently available and how much a connection will cost.

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