World’s best wildlife trips

When travelling abroad, alongside seeing the sites and being immersed in a new culture, animal experiences top the list of things to do. Here are some of the best.


Is the bilby Australia’s quirkiest (and cutest) little critter?

Have you ever seen a bilby? Probably not – and there’s a reason why. The lovable impish Aussie icon made popular by Easter chocolates is threatened with extinction.


Sri Lankan navy earning world acclaim for elephant rescues

Elephants are well known for loving a paddle, but some take it too far.


Australia’s rhino whisperer takes the world by storm

Meet Mark Mills, an Australian zookeeper dubbed the ‘rhino whisperer’, after he lulls to sleep a white rhino rejected by his mother.

Western Australia

The three best places to go wildlife spotting in WA

Western Australia is home to some of the country’s cutest critters, but where are the best places to find them? Here are the top three spots to visit on your holiday.


Wildlife that puts with 'wild' in 'life'

While often incredible, rarely would anyone accuse wildlife photography of being all that entertaining. Enter the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.


Never too young ...

If you ever needed proof that you’re never too young to be able to teach someone something new, then nine-year-old South African Hunter Mitchell is it.


Giant animals you have to see to believe

Australia is home to some pretty large animals, but this collection of colossal creatures put our biggest beasties to shame. Some are so large you have to see them to believe they exist!

Tours & Trips

The world’s cutest critters tour

The world is a beautiful place when you’re looking in the right direction. Want proof? Just take a peek at these adorable animals, on our ‘world’s cutest critters’ tour.


Seven cruises for wildlife watchers

Are you looking for a cruise that’s a little out of the ordinary? Then these seven unusual wildlife cruise destinations may provide you with the inspiration to get back to nature.


$440 8-day Kenya Safari

Go into the wild on a safari to Kenya.