Legal & General

Will sisters’ good intentions lead to will war?

John is concerned that his mother-in-law’s will may be contested by family members who have been excluded. Can estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich help?

Banking & Investment

What are the pitfalls in house legacy plan?

Glenda is seeking information about leaving a house to a child for the term of his/her natural life and wants to know the potential problems. Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich says proceed with caution.


‘How do we stop son’s ex from plundering our estate?’

Steve and his wife are concerned that their ex-daughter-in-law may be able to make a claim on their estate. Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich explains what they can do.

Aged Care

Older Australians shunning advance care directive

Most older Australians are choosing not to complete an advance care directive and the aged care royal commission is concerned.


Should Barbara update will after her husband’s death?

Barbara’s husband recently passed away and she has made some financial changes. She asks estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich whether she needs to update her will.

Legal & General

Can son’s separated wife claim on his mother’s will?

Caroline’s son and his wife are separated but not yet divorced. She asks estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich whether the wife can claim any inheritance if Caroline were to pass away before the divorce?


Can carer and beneficiary Greg protect his friend’s will from being contested?

Live-in carer Greg is concerned that his friend’s will may be contested by her brother’s family, and asks Rod Cunich what he should do to prevent this from happening.


Poll uncovers concern at how often wills are contested

YourLifeChoices’ Friday Flash Poll: Testing your knowledge about wills reveals widespread unrest about wills being contested.


Friday Flash Poll: testing your knowledge about wills

The Friday Flash Poll tests your knowledge about end-of-life planning.

Legal & General

Can Joan provide for son and block a controlling father?

Joan wants to leave her son a legacy in her will but does not want the father to be able to control it. She asks estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich how she can best make this happen.


What to do when you don’t want to be a beneficiary

Vera has a problem. She has a friend who wants to make her the beneficiary of her will – against her wishes. Can estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich help her?

Legal & General

How to find an executor when family and friends are ruled out

YourLifeChoices member Sarah and her husband have no family in Australia and don’t wish to ask a friend to be an executor of their will. They have asked estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich for guidance.

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