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Onion and garlic found to reduce your risk of cancer

Two common ingredients found in many types of cuisine may be key to reducing the risk of one of the most aggressive types of cancers, say researchers.

Women's Health

How much hair loss is normal?

Hair loss is not just a ‘male’ issue – plenty of women also see tufts of hair blocking the bathroom drain too. But how much hair loss is normal?


Foolproof ways to move more

We know we need to stretch regularly and stay physically active just to do the right thing by our bodies. But if you need extra motivation, here are the facts and figures on exercise. And yes, it’s still Exercise Right Week.


Breast health: what’s normal and what changes to look out for

Breasts can also change a great deal throughout life at different ages and life stages. When it comes to breast health, the important thing to learn is what's normal for you.

Health news

Ovarian cancer: symptoms you should know

Ovarian cancer is not as common as breast cancer, but like any other cancer, the earlier you detect it, the higher the likelihood of successful treatment. These are the symptoms and risks.


Five deadliest diseases that are not heart disease or cancer

We know heart disease and cancer are the two big killers for women, but what about the other common deadly ailments? We run you through the other diseases that you should watch for.


Your sex questions answered

When it comes to talking about your sex life with your GP or gynaecologist, there is no such thing as a silly question.

Health & Ageing

Are Aussie women ageing 20 years faster than in the US?

A recent study found that Australian women report severe signs of facial ageing much sooner than their US counterparts. Do the claims stack up or is it a beat-up?


Are your breasts normal? Here are seven surprising facts

Bosom. Boobies. The girls. Whatever you call them, breasts are interesting to us all. Here are seven surprising facts you might not know about your breast friends.


A new cosmetic procedure with an even more gruesome name

A vampire breast lift is a startling new cosmetic procedure with an even more gruesome name. So, how has a blood-sucking fictional creature inspired a breast lift procedure?


Taking care of ‘down there’

The vulva: every woman has one, but no two are the same. So what’s normal for you may not be so for others. Today, Jean Hailes explains how you can start taking care of ‘down there’.


Exercise relieves symptoms of post-menopause women

In good news for women looking for non-hormonal alternatives, a new study has found that engaging in moderate exercise helps manage post-menopausal symptoms.

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