The origin of ‘chip on your shoulder’

Have you ever become so angry that you can’t let it go? You could even say you had a ‘chip on your shoulder’. It’s a nice phrase to describe a not-so-nice feeling, but where did it originate?


Discover the origin of the saying ‘penny for your thoughts’

If you’ve ever heard someone say ‘a penny for your thoughts’, it’s fairly obvious what they mean. But do you know how the saying originated or who said it first?


Misused words: the top five words used that don’t even exist

The English language is not an easy one to master, but beautiful nonetheless. Call me a snob, but I just don’t like hearing it befouled. Here are five non-existent, oft-used words that really grind my gears.

Technology News

The evolution of language online

Oh, how the internet changed our language. Why not find out how words, such as ‘cloud’ and ‘troll’,mean something completely different in the online world?

Word of the week

Word of the week - Retronym

noun a compound word or name that has come into existence or has been changed because of something that has happened since the first name was coined, as the acoustic guitar, renamed from guitar to distinguish it from the electric guitar.

Word of the week

Word of the week - Wittol

noun Obsolete a man who knows of and tolerates his wife's infidelity.