Age Pension

Federal Budget 2018: Pension Work Bonus limit rises $50 per fortnight

From July 2019, an increase to the Pension Work Bonus will allow age pensioners to earn up to an extra $50 per fortnight without reducing their Age Pension entitlement.

Retirement Income

How continuing to work in later years is a bonus

Whatever reason you have for continuing or returning to work, the good news is there has never been as much support for older workers in the labour force as there is today.

Work Bonus

Is a New Zealand pension covered by the Work Bonus?

Centrelink has advised Philip to apply for a New Zealand pension, and he’s unsure how this will affect his Age Pension payment.


Work Bonus workaround could earn you up to $3250 a year

A recently published article in The Australian exposed a nifty trick for taking advantage of the Work Bonus and maximising your pension entitlements.

Claiming your pension overseas

How will working overseas affect your Age Pension?

Gozitano lives in Malta with his Maltese wife. He receives an Australian Age Pension, but wants to know if he can work part-time over there. Will it affect his pension?

Centrelink – Services Australia

Age Pension and the Work Bonus: how does it work?

To help him make ends meet, Ben’s local bowls club has offered him a few hours’ work a week. Today, he’s asked Debbie how much he can earn before his Age Pension is reduced.


Is it worth Gerry’s while working on the Age Pension?

Gerry has the opportunity to earn some extra income but wonders how his Age Pension and his wife’s Newstart Allowance will be affected and whether or not it’s really worth it.


Is it worth making a pension claim if income is too high?

Michael is approaching Age Pension age but thinks he will fail the income test. Should he apply now or wait until he thinks he has more chance of being eligible?

Work Bonus

Will I be eligible for the Work Bonus?

The Work Bonus enables older workers to supplement their Age Pension while remaining in the workforce. Jerry would like to know if he will be eligible for this payment.

Income and asset tests

Does a home business make a house an assessed asset?

Rod is keen to retire and run a small trailer parts business from home. However, he’s been told that a home business will mean his house is assessed as an asset – is this true?

Pension eligibility

How the Work Bonus can make working part time worthwhile

David has been fortunate enough to be offered a part-time role teaching and would like to know how the Work Bonus applies to any payment he receives.

Retirement Income

Work Bonus: can you get it if self employed?

The Work Bonus makes it possible for those still working to claim more of an Age Pension but as Rita has discovered, it may not help those who are self employed.

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