Retirement Income

Work Bonus: can you get it if self employed?

The Work Bonus makes it possible for those still working to claim more of an Age Pension but as Rita has discovered, it may not help those who are self employed.

Age Pension

Age Pension: does a de facto partner affect your claim?

Tom would like to know how his de facto relationship and part-time work may affect his claim for the Age Pension.

Pension eligibility

Claiming the Pension Bonus

Chris has only found out about the Pension Bonus Scheme and having recently retired, would like to know if she can make a retrospective claim.

Work Bonus

Why is my Age Pension reducing?

Mariam has the fully allowable amount of Work Bonus ‘banked’, so she can’t understand why her Age Pension still reduces when her husband earns an income.

Work Bonus

What is the Work Bonus?

One particular initiative that callers to NICRI often enquire about is the Work Bonus. Here, Craig Hall explains how this can help your claim for the Age Pension.

Income and asset tests

Will more super affect my pension?

Lyn has been unable to accept a pay increase as it would affect both hers and her husband’s pension, but would extra super payments be assessed by Centrelink?

Pension eligibility

Time to claim an Age Pension

John and his wife have found themselves in the unfortunate position of urgently needing financial assistance, but are reluctant to approach Centrelink.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Will casual work affect the Age Pension?

Richard has been offered some casual work but is unsure how this will affect his recent claim for the Age Pension? Will it pay him to keep on working?

Age Pension

Will my wife get an Age Pension?

Barry is contemplating claiming an Age Pension and would like to know if his wife will also be eligible, or will she have to make do with Newstart Allowance.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Can I claim the Pension Bonus?

How do you know if you’re eligible for the Pension Bonus?

Age Pension

Will I get a pension bonus now?

Paula is contemplating retirement when she turns 64 next year but is unsure if she will get a pension.

Federal Budget

Work bonus - Budget 2011

This is not news, but was delivered as such in the Budget press releases today. Starting 1 July the revised work Bonus will allow age pensioners (particularly those with seasonal or project work) to earn up to $250 a fortnight without having this assessed under the pension income test. ‘Unused’ work bonus amount can be ‘banked’ up to a maximum of $6500, and this credit can be carried forward and used to offset earnings which might otherwise have been considered assessable. This change suits senior santas and exam supervisors in particular.

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