Other Australians earn nothing like what your think in a year

If you earn $59,538 you are close to being the typical Australian.

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Annual leave accrued reaching huge numbers thanks to COVID

Over eight million Australians in paid employment now have 174.9 million days of annual leave due, largely thanks to the pandemic.


Long working hours increasing deaths from heart disease and stroke

Long working hours led to 745,000 deaths from stroke and ischaemic heart disease in 2016, a 29 per cent increase since 2000.


Half of Australian employers admit to cut-off ages when hiring

The age at which a person is considered an older worker is now up to 10 years younger and many employers have admitted to cut-off ages when hiring 'older' people, new research has revealed.


The 'risk' of letting your grey hair grow out

Researchers from the University of Exeter surveyed women who chose not to dye their grey hair, and found a "conflict" between looking natural and being seen as competent.


Menopause can make work a struggle. So why don't we talk about it?

Thirty years into a very successful corporate career, Janelle Delaney suddenly lost her confidence.

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The superannuation work test explained

The superannuation work test allows you to make non-concessional contributions to super if you can prove to the taxman you have worked 40 hours in the past 30 days.


How to grieve for your job if you’ve been made redundant

Being made redundant is a heavy blow at the best of times, but if the coronavirus pandemic has severely affected the industry you work in…


JobMaker could pay bosses to cut wages and jobs, warns Treasury

Employers could sack experienced employees, replace them with workers earning just a third of the salary and get a taxpayer-funded grant to do it, previously…

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Older Aussies falling through the cracks in 'silent crisis'

The silent crisis putting these older Australians on the scrapheap.

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Older Australians pessimistic about employment prospects

An Anglicare survey shows just 13 per cent of people believe Centrelink rules will help them find a job.


What are the options when facing unemployment later in life?

The recession caused by the pandemic is making life uncertain for many older Australians. Merrilyn has been stood down and is worried about her future…

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