What would encourage older Australians to work until 70?

Scott Morrison’s backflip on raising the Age Pension age may be a popularity grab for older voters, but his party may yet again be out of touch with what older people really want.

Finance News

Pitfalls to avoid if you are forced to retire early

So retirement is creeping up on you or perhaps you were forced to retire early due to changes in your workplace or health. What’s next? Whatever you do, don’t do nothing.


Training program for older, unemployed Aussies begins

The Government has this week cast a lifeline to mature-age job seekers living in regions where there are fewer employment opportunities.


Male baby boomers would rather retire early than work part time

Baby boomer men would rather retire early than take on part-time work, claims a senior economist referring to the latest labour figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


Connections: Lessons learnt on a long journey

Anna is 17. Florence and Ted Gibbs are 87 and 88. She asked them what could they tell her about life then and now, about lessons learnt, regrets and the power of staying involved.

Age Pension

Federal Budget 2018: Pension Work Bonus limit rises $50 per fortnight

From July 2019, an increase to the Pension Work Bonus will allow age pensioners to earn up to an extra $50 per fortnight without reducing their Age Pension entitlement.


Dealing with the fallout from having to retire

Self-worth and mental health can take a battering when we have no choice but to retire. Jo Lamble offers some coping strategies.


'Women's work' back in the spotlight with Labor pledge

The economic value of unpaid work must be counted for it to be acknowledged.


Tech platforms that could save your retirement

Whether it’s simply getting fit, taking up a new hobby, making extra income, travelling – or even buying a new home – there are online platforms that are perfect for those 50 years and over.


UN official slams Government for its attitude towards welfare

A senior United Nations official has slammed the Federal Government’s attitude towards welfare recipients as punitive, saying some Australians are simply struggling to survive.


Are you ready to retire quiz

Are you all set for retirement? Have you done the necessary planning to ensure a successful, or at least comfortable, life after work? Why not take this quiz to see how prepared you are?


Older Australians are the new entrepreneurs

New research has revealed that Australians aged 55 to 64 are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the country.

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