Travel News

Do you want the world’s best internship?

If you love travel, in fact better than that, luxury travel, and you’re not afraid at turning your hand to something new, then this could be the job for you, as long as you’re over 60.

Federal Budget 2016

More Australians than ever are too poor to retire

The latest ABS data reveals that the number of over 45s who say they will not retire before turning 70 has, in the last decade, increased from eight per cent to 23 per cent.


Avoid stress – turn off your email

A survey of 2000 workers has found that leaving email on all day and checking emails early in the morning or late at night are two of the habits that most contribute to stress.


Is your future being stolen?

New research released yesterday by industry super fund Cbus suggests that $44 billion could be lost to retirement savings over the next 10 years.


Retiring at 60 a pipedream

The FSC–CBA Older Workers Report released yesterday has found that the notion of retiring at 60 is becoming unrealistic with the majority of Australians still willing to work past 60.

Technology News

Silicon Valley’s oldest worker

Barbara Beskind is a 91-year-old inventor who has landed her dream job after 80 years. Working in an area often in the news for ageism, Barbara is putting ageists in their place.

Timing Your Retirement

Time to rethink retirement

Don’t sell yourself short – 60 is not the new 50. But it’s not the old 60 either, when you were ready to be put out to pasture. Now you have options, so what are they?

Job Search

Bag yourself a new job

Losing your job can be a real blow and while finding a new job may not be easy, there are steps you can take to bag yourself a new job more quickly.

Health news

Don’t get up too early for work

Are you short-changing yourself when it comes to sleep? Bad sleep patterns can impact your productivity at work and your overall health.

Job Counselling

10 ways to extend your use-by date

Don’t let age hold you back. Try these 10 ways to extend your use-by date.


Finding work after 50

If you’re approaching 50, you will probably have to work until 70 before you can consider claiming the Age Pension. Here Kaye shares 10 great tips for ‘funemployment’.


Your right to work

Age Discrimination Commissioner, Susan Ryan, explains your rights and what you can do if you are wronged at work.

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