Five everyday tricks to help you become more active

These five everyday tricks to help you move more are all about limiting the distractions and conveniences that can hold you back from having a more active lifestyle.

Weight Loss

Walk your way to better health and fitness

For many people, walking is the easiest and most convenient way to improve their health and fitness, and lose weight. So how can you make the most of your daily steps?


What to eat pre- and post-workout

Are you ready to work up a sweat? What you eat before and after exercise can play a big role in getting the most out of your workout and meeting your goals. n n


How to warm up and cool down

Warming up and cooling down are essential for a good workout. Today, learn how to prepare your body for exercise and help your workout recovery.

Health news

Exercising to keep joints strong

Combining aerobic exercise with strength training helps to keep bones, joints and cartilage strong, especially as you age.


Five effective low-impact exercises

If you have bone, joint or muscle injuries, or you’re simply new to exercising, low-impact exercise ideal to help you stay healthy and get in shape.


Work your workout gear

Workout attire is quickly translating into street wear but how can you get the look without breaking the budget? SJ has the low-down on where to get the best bargains.