Major cities: a century of change

This week’s pictures show just how quickly and extensively major cities have grown over different time periods. From a century to a decade, see how times have changed.


Are these the best photos in the world?

If there ever was any doubt that photography and travel are a match made in heaven, the proof is in the Sony World Photography Awards.

Food shortage crisis

Recent statistics suggest that an equal amount of food is wasted in developed countries as there is produced in sub-Saharan Africa. This is an alarming thought and well worth considering as experts are suggesting that there could be ‘chronic global food crises’ 30-40 years from now.

Why waste?

An American economics and agriculture expert visiting Australia has warned of the possibility of a global food crises in future generations. Chris Barrett warned that as the world’s population grows, food supply could become a serious issue. Richer nations are suggested to be contributing to the problem by wasting food. Barrett has suggested that these nations could reduce the portions of packaged foods and restaurant meals to avoid wasting so much food.

Will you get a pension?

Transferring your UK pension to Australia

Having a pension fund across the world may not be financially beneficial in terms of paying double fees and charges but how do you consolidate your retirement monies?