Why you bruise so easily

Being susceptible to bruising can be inherited, or due to a number of factors including ageing, diet, medications, supplements, alcohol consumption, diabetes, exercise and even cancer.

Health & Ageing

Australians reveal their attitudes towards ageing

Australians actually have a positive attitude towards people aged over 70, and value their contributions to work and the community.

Health & Ageing

Friday Reflection: Wisdom of older Australians often undervalued

Tony laments that the experience of older generations is too often ignored.

Federal Government

Fears about an ageing Australia a ‘scurrilous exaggeration’: academic

Vested interests in population growth, including property developers and large retailers, have overstated ageing concerns, new report states.


Youth subsidy JobMaker claiming the jobs of older Australians

Older workers are already losing their jobs as a result of the federal government’s JobMaker initiative, says the Council on the Ageing.

Health news

Do we have the guts to give older people a fair go?

The aged care royal commission shone a harsh light on our woefully inadequate system, but Professor Joseph Ibrahim has some suggestions to fix it.


Age not a factor in COVID susceptibility, but gender may be

While COVID-19 is more of a health risk for older adults, they are not more susceptible to the virus.

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What’s normal in your 70s

In your 70s you can expect to see changes in your sleep, hearing, sex life, vision, heart, brain, weight and immune system. Some changes simply can’t be avoided.


Seven embarrassing beauty questions answered

Society’s obsession with youth seems to shut down conversations about beauty in ageing bodies, leaving many people with unanswered questions. If you have thinning, grey hair, callused feet, cellulite and chin hairs, you are not alone.


How to … keep your lips from thinning

Avoiding factors that contribute to thinning lips including smoking, dehydration and sun damage can help your lips remain plumper for longer. There are also supplements, plumpers and treatments that can help your lips remain full.


What you need to know about collagen and skincare

Collagen is a naturally produced protein that is important in terms of skin ageing.

Health & Ageing

Over-70s are fitter and healthier than previous generations: study

People between the ages of 75 and 80 are fitter and healthier than their counterparts 30 years ago, according to a new study.

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