PM calls for Australians to unify

In the wake of the Paris attacks, Malcolm Turnbull delivered his first national security statement as Prime Minister, calling IS ‘weak’ and asking Australians to unify.


Malcolm Turnbull’s poll victory

The latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll suggest Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is the most popular new prime minister of the past two decades.


PM denies white paper “on hold”

Conflicting reports yesterday that Mr Turnbull had halted the tax white paper have been quashed, with the PM himself taking to Twitter to put an end to the rumours.


Malcolm Turnbull’s dog blog

Did you know that our new Prime Minister is a dog lover? He even has a ‘dog blog’ on his official website, with entries penned by the PM and his canine companions.


Coalition pushes pension review

In a response to negative publicity surrounding proposed changes to pensions, the Federal Government has offered to set up an independent review of pension rates.


Abbott safe as PM, for now

The latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll results have allowed Tony Abbott to breathe a sigh of relief as the Coalition made up significant ground in the two-party preferred vote.


Poll shows PM’s dip in popularity

The latest poll indicates that Tony Abbott is losing his grip on the top job.

Abbott, Shorten tied for PM vote

Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten are tied as preferred Prime Minister.


Union corruption royal commission

A royal commission into corruption in the unions is expected to get the go-ahead today.

Abbott victory a shoo-in

Next week will see Tony Abbott sworn in as Prime Minister – so what will his government deliver?

New/Old PM hits town

Kevin Rudd replaced Julia Gillard as head of the Labor Party last night

Knitgate stuns the nation

#knitgate makes news ahead of every other serious issue

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