Who has the most valuable passport?

How many countries can you travel to without a visa? When it comes to the most valuable passport, German citizens have hit the jackpot. So how does Australia compare?

Travel News

Aussies may no longer travel to the US

Travelling to North America may prove an impossibility for some Australians, as the US has tightened its visa waiver laws in an effort to protect the country from the threat of terror.

Credit Cards

Sign no more

Visa has announced that, from 1 April 2013, all Visa card transactions will need to be approved using a PIN number, so signing for your purchases will no longer be possible.


End of the credit card gouge

For years Australians have been paying over the odds for the convenience of paying by credit card. A new ruling by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) means fairer surcharges will soon be on the cards.

Technology Q&A

How can I buy online securely?

After the recent closure of her local Borders bookshop, YOURLifeChoices subscriber Mary wants to purchase books from online book retailer, Amazon. Mary is hesitant due to increasing cyber theft and fraud. Webmaster Drew explains how to buy securely online.