Why pre-retirees should get a head start on entitlements

Financial adviser tells why you should apply for the Age Pension early.

Age Pension

How early do we have to sell investments to claim the Age Pension?

Jacqui and her husband are approaching pension age and are worried they have not left enough time to sell their investment properties.


Granny flats - a good idea but beware the baggage

Lawyer Brian Herd tells why granny flats have become so popular and why the regulations around them must be understood.

Age Pension

Centrelink Q&A: Is it possible to get two pensions?

Doug wonders if it is legal to claim two pensions while living overseas.

Age Pension

Services and rebates that can save you hundreds

Last year, I put together a retiree checklist. In 2021, there are some additions. This is a long list and not everything will apply to…

Age Pension

Does living in a granny flat, caravan or boat affect your pension?

Services Australia general manager Hank Jongen explains how living in a granny flat, caravan, mobile home or boat can affect your Age Pension.


You think you have enough? Here's why you're probably wrong

The retirement system in Australia is one of the best in the world and, at the same time, not very simple.

Age Pension

Age Pension payments in 2021 – what you need to know

World heavyweight boxing champion, Olympian, ordained minister and successful entrepreneur George Foreman returned to the ring at the age of 45 and knocked out opponent…


Can your partner apply for JobSeeker if you are on the pension?

Colin is about to apply for the Age Pension and wants to know if his wife is eligible for JobSeeker.


How Easter will affect your Age Pension payment

What to expect in the next few weeks due to the Good Friday and Easter Monday holidays.

Age Pension

Dwindling cash deposit returns wipe out benefits of pension increase

The 20 March Age Pension increase for millions of older Australians means little compared to the loss of income typically earnt from cash deposits.


How Services Australia revalues your market-based investments

Meta description (~200 characters | should contain keywords and description for SEO) Services Australia general manager Hank Jongen explains how and when your market-based investments are revalued.

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