Apps to help you learn a new language and kickstart the brain

Whether you’re dreaming of that next overseas trip or just want to stimulate your brain, these mobile apps help you integrate your learning into your daily routine – no matter where you are.


Enjoy watching The Amazing Race? Why not try it yourself?

Do you enjoy watching the Amazing Race? This app may be for you.

Banking & Investment

An easier way to manage returns, warranties and your budget

The Commonwealth Bank will provide itemised digital receipts through its app.

Retirement Village Living

App to help families communicate during COVID-19

App designed to help combat the communication breakdowns caused by COVID-19.


Concerns remain over technical shortfalls of COVIDSafe app

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network has issues with how public education about the COVIDSafe app could hamper its functionality.

Banking & Investment

Aussies seek out digital welfare support during crisis

The number of Australians seeking access to welfare support and unclaimed cash through Commonwealth Bank’s digital feature ‘Benefits finder’ more than doubled the month after the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, according to new data released by the bank.

Banking & Investment

Apps to help you track your spending

Get to know your spending habits with one of these free budgeting apps.


How to keep track of our volatile weather conditions

Fires, floods and dangerous winds are becoming increasingly common across Australia. Which makes it increasingly important that you keep track of the weather before you head off on a trip. These apps will keep you informed.


How to repair or remove programs on your computer

If you have apps or programs that are not running correctly, you have two options – repair or remove. Here’s how to go about it.

Secure Access

Consumer spyware apps could violate Australian laws

Readily available consumer spyware products potentially violate a range of Australian laws relating to harassment, stalking, identity theft and fraud.

Safety Online

Tech Q&A: Should I use payment apps on my smartphone?

Paul is receiving prompts to use payment apps, but are they safe?


Clever ways to use Google Maps when you are travelling

Google Maps is great for directions, but have you ever considered using it to plan your trip in advance?

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