Asylum seekers riot and escape

A second riot has occurred at the Manus Island detention centre.


No assistance for asylum seekers

The Federal Government has moved to disband the independent body which provides advice on the physical and mental health needs of asylum seekers.


Asylum seekers are now ‘illegal’

Australian immigration staff have received instructions to refer to asylum seekers as ‘illegal’

Hide the boats

The Government will no longer alert us to the arrival of each new asylum seeker boat

Kevin’s hard-line asylum policy

Kevin Rudd’s hard-line policy to deal with asylum seekers is both decisive and divisive

Is the refugee review too soft?

Government claims most of those arriving by boat are ‘economic migrants’

Asylum tragedy in Australian waters

Tragedy has struck with a boat carrying asylum seekers capsizing off the coast of Christmas Island. So far 13 bodies have been identified but no survivors found.

Who’s really rotten?

An email from the Liberal Party claims “40,000 illegal arrivals under Labor”

Movie Reviews

Go Back to Where You Came From

After the success of the first season of Go Back to Where You Came From, in which six ordinary Australians walked in the shoes of asylum seekers, I was pretty sceptical about a second season which uses celebrities. I have been proven wrong. The second season, which has aired over the last three nights, was just as insightful as the first. It was also, in some ways, more moving, as the opinions of the six celebrities were so well-known before they started their journeys. Watching some of them change their minds was quite extraordinary.

Government backflip on asylum policy

Following an independent report on asylum seekers, produced by an expert panel, the Government has decided to adopt all 22 recommendations, and will today aim to reintroduce its migration bill to Parliament.

Boat people – have our leaders failed?

What kind of leaders have we got, who are prepared to go on a six-week break when this matter remains unresolved? How can they go home and pack their bags for a break in Europe or North America or China (call it a study tour if you wish) when there are genuine refugees dying on our doorstop?

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