Health news

Scientists halt common cancer with modified cold virus

Modified common cold virus gives hope to millions suffering from this cancer.

Health news

Bee venom can kill ‘untreatable cancer’ cells: study

Honeybee venom offers hope for the treatment of untreatable breast cancers, trailblazing Australian research reveals.

Brain health

Do cancer survivors have lower risk of dementia?

A number of studies have found that cancer survivors have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Researchers have suggested that some of the biological mechanisms that contribute to cancer may also help to prevent dementia.


Researchers uncover new weapon to fight cancer, inflammatory diseases

Researchers studying malaria discover an immune system protein that has the potential to treat a wide range of cancers and inflammatory diseases.


Blood pressure drug linked to increased cancer risk in older Aussies

Drug’s properties can make skin more sensitive to the sun and heighten risk of melanoma, scientists say.

Alternative Therapies

The health aid at our fingertips

Massage and myotherapy can improve quality of life for anyone suffering chronic pain and for those in palliative care.


Warning signs of kidney cancer

With kidney cancer rates rising, an oncologist outlines the warning signs you should never ignore.

Health News

Sedentary behaviour linked to increased risk of cancer death

Replacing sedentary behaviour with low-intensity physical activity or moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity may be associated with a lower risk of cancer mortality.


GPs warn of dangers as health checks plummet

Massive drop in cancer tests due to COVID-19 has medicos fearing late diagnoses may be too late for some.

Health News

Aspirin back in fashion with stunning bowel cancer results

High-risk group’s development of bowel cancer halved with two tablets a day.


Cancer costs soar for patients with private health cover

Cancer treatment can be twice as expensive for patients with private health insurance, but if they shop around and ask the right questions of doctors and service providers, savings can be made.


New cancer treatment listed on PBS

Treatment continues the battle to give cancer patients greater peace of mind while extending their life expectancy.

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