Climate change and ageing population creating ‘a perfect storm’

Heatwaves are killing more Australians than any other natural disaster and are expected to become more frequent and last for longer. And particularly at risk are over-65s.


Scientists predict the end of winter as we know it

Australians will no longer enjoy winter as they know it today and will experience a new season academics are calling ‘New Summer’.


Friday Flash Poll: Do you care about climate change?

It seems the gap between science and politics is widening, and public opinion the only way to bridge it. Do you think enough is being done to address climate change? Do you even care?


You could be flying on an electric plane within a decade

Wright Electric and EasyJet have joined forces to create an electric plane and plan to fly passengers on battery-operated airplanes within the next 10 years.


PM announces review of carbon emissions

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has brought the nation’s climate change policies back to our attention by announcing the Government’s plans to review the possibility of a new carbon tax.


Climate change: Global temperatures continue to rise

The Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO's biennial State of the Climate report shows that, globally, last year was the warmest on record and evidence that temperatures will continue to rise.


Climate change: “we’re not winning the battle”

February gave us the hottest month since global weather records began, and leading climate scientists agree that this confirms the planet is fighting a losing battle against climate change.


Oscars 2016 – Leo’s speech highlights climate change

Leonardo DiCaprio finally got to take home his Oscar for Best Actor in the film The Revenant, although it’s his acceptance speech that is grabbing the headlines.


Will Australia go coal-free?

The Federal Government’s new chief scientist, Dr Alan Finkle, is backing the end of coal-fired power in Australia, but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull isn’t on board.


A threat to our nation’s security

Whether or not you believe that climate change is an actual threat to the future of the planet, our former Defence Force Chief believes it may also be a threat to national security.


Abbott out of touch on renewables

Tony Abbott’s claim that coal is “good for humanity” is out of step with how the rest of the world sees the fossil fuel, according to a recent Oxfam report.


UN scrutinises Direct Action plan

Australia is facing criticism over its carbon emission policies, including its Direct Action plan, at the UN climate change meetings in Germany this week.

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