How to be kinder to yourself in difficult times

Feeling like a failure right now? We speak to psychologists about how to practise self-compassion in the crisis.


Together Apart: Life in Lockdown

Jude Van Daalen and Belinda Jackson's beautiful book illustrates pandemic life and explores Melbourne communities to find out how they navigated the world's strictest lockdown.


Travel SOS: A road trip across three states

Wanda wants to visit family in coastal Victoria, then New South Wales and in Queensland this summer, and wants to know if she's allowed.


COVID-19 strips billions in life satisfaction: report

Australian adults lost the equivalent of $338 billion in life satisfaction due to COVID-19, according to new analysis from the Australian National University.


Experts warning not to relax COVID-19 social distancing measures

Australians are suffering from flu-like symptoms, including cough and fever, at their highest level since social distancing measures took effect earlier this year, according to…


Older Australians much tougher than you think

New research from Australian Seniors reveals what many of us already know – older people are much tougher than most people think.


Scientists say we can end the pandemic without a vaccine

Investigators have collated and analysed all they know about wearing face masks and say that if 70 per cent of the population wore a mask, the pandemic could be halted.


Qantas passengers will need COVID-19 vaccine for international travel

Passengers will have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before entering or leaving Australia on a Qantas plane, and could be asked to show a vaccination passport to prove it.


Delirium experienced by older people with no other COVID-19 symptoms

Delirium was a symptom for more than a quarter of older people admitted to emergency departments and eventually diagnosed with COVID-19, according to new research.


What COVID means to Christmas this year

New research shows that Australians are lowering their expectations for the festive season, with lower spending, socialising and not much travelling on the cards.


Older Australians may not be able to get coronavirus vaccines when available

Older people previously declared a priority for vaccine jabs may be pushed to the back of the queue, says the Department of Health secretary, as the vaccines have not been tested on older people.


Coronavirus response boosts Australia on Asia Power Index

The US remains the most powerful country in Asia but its influence continues to wane, according to the Lowy Institute's Asia Power Index, which also suggests the pandemic has seen India falter in its bid to become a serious challenger to China.

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