The search for love in lockdown

Love waits for no man, or woman, but how to find and grow a relationship in lockdown?


Dating in your 50s

If you want to date and you’re over 50, where do you start? Dennie Smith runs a dating agency and shares what she has learnt over the years.


The replacement

When Peter Leith’s dad died, the family wanted to make sure their mum was still motivated to meet new people – safely. He tells how they went about it.


The dating game

Peter Leith explains the rules of engagement – as dictated by mum, dad and your date.


Men ‘more picky’ than women?

A study of the online dating behaviour of more than 41,000 Australians aged 18–80 has revealed some interesting relationship traits as people get older.


Bonking madly recommended

Erotic American writer Jane Juska’s most famous scribbling is not to be found in one of the books she wrote about senior sexploits, but in the personal classifieds of a literary magazine.


Tips and tricks to play the dating game

What amazes me is many people spend more time and effort looking for a new car or refrigerator than looking for a partner.

Safety Online

Are dating apps safe?

Analysis of dating apps has shown that many of them leak data, with some allowing the discovery of the identity of the users.


Are you being ‘catfished’?

A ‘catfish’ is a stranger on the internet who tries to convince you that they’re someone else. Because even the best of us can get it wrong sometimes, here are the warning signs of a catfish.


Getting back into the dating game

Relationships don't always last forever but, once you get over the pain, and possibly anger, don't be afraid to give dating another go.


Danger of dating a younger woman

Mick Jagger will very soon be welcoming his eighth child but, at 73 years of age and a great-grandfather to boot, is it time he started dating women his own age?


How to flirt without saying a word

Not everyone has a way with words, but the good news is that there are ways you can flirt without saying a word. Here are five for the fellas and five for the ladies.

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