Study finds ‘high level’ of Australians preparing to reject vaccine

Almost three in five Australians (58.5 per cent) say they will definitely get a COVID vaccine once it is available, according to new research.


Are night sweats anything to worry about?

Night sweats are often so heavy that your clothing and sheets are soaked to the point where you have to change them. Here are some common causes of night sweats and when to see your GP.

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How to reduce your risk of dementia

A survey carried out in the UK has shown that only 1 per cent of participants could name the known risk factors for dementia. Here is how to reduce your risk of the disease.


You may be able to buy a vaccine before the official rollout

Allowing people to jump the queue for a COVID-19 vaccine via the private market is a bad idea, for several reasons.


Egg consumption linked to diabetes

Research from the University of South Australia shows that excess egg consumption can increase your risk of developing diabetes.


Why you shouldn’t get too excited about the Pfizer COVID vaccine

Yes, 90 per cent efficacy for Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccine is striking. But we need to wait for the full data.

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Diagnosing dementia in middle-aged people

A diagnosis of younger onset dementia can be devastating, but specialist service can help to provide clarity and support, faster.


What stage of grief are you in?

COVID has thrown all of us into a state of grief – we’re grieving for our past lives.


How air pollution is damaging our health

Air pollution, particularly from human activity, causes health problems that affect the heart and lungs – and can cause cancer.


Cut back on alcohol to look after your liver

Statistics reveal that increased COVID anxiety has, in turn, increased alcohol consumption. Here are some tips for supporting your liver.

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Dementia risk increases with certain types of work

Men in jobs with hard physical work have a higher risk of developing dementia.


Why older men may hold the key to beating COVID

Study suggests that older males who have recovered from COVID have the best antibodies.

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