Goldie Hawn at 75: The Hollywood star's fashion and beauty evolution

Goldie Hawn is 75 and we think she couldn't look better. Here's how her style has changed over her decades in the spotlight.


Great things about ageing - as Dawn French says 'it's not for wusses'

Age can make you stronger, happier and more confident. Here are seven great things about growing older.


Jenny Eclair: 'Middle-aged women aren't invisible, they are just ignor

Comedian and writer Jenny Eclair talks about middle-aged rage, TV work and why live gigs remain her first love.


The last blockbuster had an end of summer sleepover

Remember renting movies from Blockbuster? These lucky people got to stay the night.


Kevin McCloud: What matters is living life, not just planning it

As Grand Designs returns, Kevin McCloud talks about how 2020 has made us all think differently about the spaces we live in.


Nine things to please stop doing at the beach

Luke Rix-Standing takes us through nine things that everyone should stop doing on the beach.


Why it's totally okay to go to bed before midnight on New Year's Eve

Everybody seems to make a big fuss about New Year's Eve but, you know what, bed is pretty great too. Here's why it's fine to head home before midnight on NYE.


Things that always happen between Christmas and New Year

One celebration is over, another is soon to begin, that week between Christmas and New Year is always an odd time of year.


Quiz: How many of these list-topping countries can you name?

These superlative states are foremost in their fields; how many can you get right?


Friday Funnies: Santa free Christmas crackers

Fun Christmas cracker jokes that won't make you cringe.


Can you name the popular Christmas songs from just these lyrics?

There aren’t many genres that could unite Bing Crosby, Yoko Ono and Ariana Grande. Try your hand at naming the Christmas songs from just a few lines.


How people celebrate Christmas Eve around the world

From shopping to feasting, roller-skating to saunas, here's what we do on Christmas Eve.

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