Are 'dry-clean only' labels true?

It's easy for fashion labels to slap a 'dry-clean only' label on their whole range to cover themselves, but what items actually require the extra love?


A look back at the Queen’s best Christmas hats

Queen Elizabeth II knows how to work a bright coat and matching hat through winter. Here’s a look back at her best Christmas hat choices.


Podcast: Big savings on food and fashion

And what do frozen food and fashion have in common? Not much, but John Deeks found a way to make them the topics du jour in the podcast. Liv joins John to chat about making big savings in the kitchen – but not at the risk of your health, and fashionista Rebecca O'Hearn jumps in to tell you how being stylish doesn't have to send you broke.


Iconic fashion items from the music world

Jimi Hendrix's pink feather boa was sold at auction. Here are four more iconic fashion items made famous by musicians.


Differences between the Melbourne Cup and Royal Ascot

The differences in tradition, fashion and drinking culture between the Melbourne Cup and Royal Ascot.


How to choose your outfit for any Cup Day event

Here are some style guidelines in case you're venturing out or are in the mood for dressing up at home on Cup Day.


How did we think these hairstyles were ever a good idea?

These hair-raising styles are proof that the crimped, coiffed and permed styles of yesteryear ought to remain in the past.


Iconic Madonna outfits that are sure to feature in her biopic

The pop superstar will share her ‘incredible journey’ in a forthcoming film. We hope there are some sequins strewn in too.


Brides who wore mini dresses

From Audrey Hepburn to Cindy Crawford, here are seven celebrities who shunned the traditional full-length gown.


Become the epitome of organisation with a wardrobe clear-out

Need to create a more streamlined wardrobe? Here are some simple tips to make the task as easy as possible.


Five trending hairstyles and colours for over-40s

Bored with your look? Hairstylist Amy Gaudie tells what might be perfect for you.


Stylewatch: Reinventing op shop discards

With a little ingenuity, Eva Winger shows how to create stylish outfits from the ‘last chance’ bin.

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