Two-thirds of Aussies say money causes most relationship conflict

Research from eharmony shows two-thirds of Australian couples often argue over financial matters.

Banking & Investment

Pandemic heightens need for trusted financial advice

Financial services minister Jane Hume is highlighting the need for trusted advisers such as stockbrokers in line with the financial market in the wake of the pandemic.


‘Retirement Made Simple’ – you decide!

Podcast: John Deeks speaks with personal finance guru, Noel Whittaker about his new book ‘Retirement Made Simple’ and the do’s and don’ts of retirement planning


Superannuation co-contributions explained

Super co-contributions help eligible people boost their retirement savings.


Other Australians earn nothing like what your think in a year

If you earn $59,538 you are close to being the typical Australian.

Finance News

CPA issues simple advice to avoid ‘poking the bear’ this tax time

Leading accounting body warns taxpayers that the ATO is serious about cracking down on tax returns this year.

Seniors Finance

How to stop hiding from your problems and conquer your financial fears

As the end of the financial year rapidly approaches, many people understandably start to get sweaty palms at the prospect of thinking about their finances.

Health news

A $4000 mattress and other sleep rip-offs to avoid this winter

Consumer group CHOICE is warning Australians to avoid "sleep shonks" this winter and giving advice on how to get a good night's rest.

Seniors Finance

The car colours that could make or break the resale value

If you want a vehicle to hold its value, buying a model in white, black or silver is a safe bet but do you know the colours that will ruin the resale value?


Older Australians are paying too much interest on property loans

Aussie retirees invested in property may be losing tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement funds, which could be saved with a simple fix.

Superannuation News

Government cuts veto power from super bill to pass first hurdle

The government has removed the provision for the treasurer to overrule superannuation investments to get it through the House of Representatives.


Planning some home improvements? Expert tips for spending wisely

Ready to start that big home improvement project you've been thinking about? You're going to want to read this first.

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