Can the CIA hack your smartphone?

A leaked document confirms that the CIA and allied agencies are able to hack any Apple iPhone or Android device. Is your phone at risk?


Aussies lose $80 million to scams

Almost $82 million was lost in 2014 to scams, with Australians aged 45 and over accounting for 68 per cent of the total losses.

Safety Online

How to make a strong password

Creating a memorable and hack-proof internet password is the best way to ensure your online security. So how do you go about it?

6.5 million LinkedIn Passwords hacked

A Russian forum user yesterday claimed to have hacked LinkedIn and uploaded a list of 6,458,020 encrypted passwords as proof. LinkedIn this morning confirmed that the passwords correspond with accounts on their network. These accounts have had their passwords reset and an email sent to the user asking them to create a new password.

Security issues a major concern

Cybercrime figures are at an all time high and growing significantly

Mobile Phones

Keeping your voicemail private

While you may not be as popular as the celebrities targeted in the News of the World hacking scandal, even the average person’s mobile phone voicemail box is vulnerable to hackers.

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Update your security question

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Jack wants to know more about the recent increase in hackers targeting security questions and how he can strengthen his security question to prevent theft of information.