New PBS-listed drugs set to save Australians thousands

Drugs to treat high cholesterol, chronic migraines and muscular atrophy were costing up to $123,000 per year.


Embarrassing personal questions answered

Here are answers to some of those embarrassing personal questions that we're a little afraid of asking.


Labor proposes $300 vaccination payment plan

Federal Labor says the government should provide a financial incentive for people to get vaccinated, but the idea has been criticised as "insulting".

Health news

Research finds severe liver damage from supplements on the rise

New research finds incidents of severe liver damage from taking dietary supplements have risen dramatically in the past decade.

Health Checks

A leading pain expert explains trapped nerves

Preventative steps to limit your risk and remedies that can help ease the pain of trapped nerves.

Health Checks

Unexpected places you can get skin cancer

It's important to check your skin regularly for any unusual symptoms. Here are the unexpected places where skin cancer can show up.


Things you only know if you love wild swimming

Here are nine things you'll be able to relate to if you've become obsessed with wild swimming.

Brain health

Aussie scientists able to predict Alzheimer’s risk five years early

When do you need to worry that your faulty memory could turn into Alzheimer's?


The advantages of being an older dad

As actor Ewan McGregor becomes a dad again at 50, Lisa Salmon highlights the benefits of having kids in your later years.


Why Sydney’s COVID-19 lockdown is likely to be extended again

Sydney's COVID-19 lockdown has been extended three times - and people should brace for it to happen again, according to an infectious diseases expert.

Your Health

What’s causing my loss of smell and taste?

Here are nine things that can cause a change or loss in your sense of smell and taste.


Sydney lockdown extended, worries about ‘COVID blind spot’

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced that the lockdown of Greater Sydney will be extended by four weeks as the virus rages out of control.

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