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How to fight middle-age spread

Midlife spread is the common name for the extra roll of abdominal fat many women develop around menopause. So, what can you do?

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How hormones in men and women change as they age

Your hormones play a large role in how you age and the changes you experience. Today, we discuss some of the changes men and women experience as they grow older.


Exercise relieves symptoms of post-menopause women

In good news for women looking for non-hormonal alternatives, a new study has found that engaging in moderate exercise helps manage post-menopausal symptoms.


Imagine having your first baby at 72

Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress but there are times when her reasoning shouldn't be questioned, and having a child past a certain age is one of them. Surely 72 is too old?

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Seven natural remedies for menopausal problems

It’s no secret that the symptoms of menopause can affect us physically and emotionally. Usually doctors prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT), but these seven natural remedies may be worth trying.

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Savvy woman’s guide to menopause

While most women are familiar with common symptoms of menopause, many find themselves unprepared for the emotional repercussions it can have.

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Get to know your menopause

The symptoms of menopause can really get you down, so it’s vital to understand what’s happening, to help you enter the next phase of your life with a positive attitude.

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Hidden side effects of menopause

There are alternative treatments available to women suffering the effects of menopause, but many continue to suffer in silence.

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Caffeine may worsen menopause

A new study, undertaken by the Mayo Clinic in the USA, has found that caffeine intake may be directly linked to worsened hot flushes and night sweats in postmenopausal women.

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How safe are menopause treatments?

Many women will experience symptoms during menopause. But for those concerned about HRT, are ‘natural’ bioidentical hormones really a safer option?


Enjoying a sexy retirement

Is lots of sex the secret to a happy retirement? Well, it’s certainly true that sexually active retirees tend to be happier, says author Bettina Arndt.


Menopause and cervical cancer

Older women often mistakenly believe that their risk of cervical cancer is low, however, this is far from the reality as most cases of cervical cancer occur in women over 50.

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