The big problem with the Murdoch media no one is talking about

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp has been under attack of late, with calls for a royal commission into Australian media ownership putting Murdoch's media monopoly in the spotlight. But there's another problem the media isn't talking about – how it treats women leaders.

Federal Government

Relax, losing access to China won’t make us the ‘poor white trash of Asia’

Even if we lose access to China, Australia will never prove former Singapore prime minister Lee Kuan Yew’s famous prediction that we will become the poor white trash of Asia.


Triumph of the ‘blogs’

The customers being ignored by the ‘new’ newspapers.

Deliveroo sued for unfairly dismissing worker it accused of being too slow

Deliveroo sacked Diego Franco via email after claiming he took too long to deliver food to customers. Now he's taking them to court, in what could end up as a test case with expensive consequences for companies in the gig economy.


The 10 catastrophic threats facing humans right now

Our survival is part of an interconnected puzzle and the COVID-19 pandemic is just one player.


Coronavirus: Five ways to manage your news consumption in times of crisis

The quickest way to increase stress and anxiety is habitually checking news and social media reports on coronavirus. Here’s how to manage your consumption so you don’t go crazy.


The headlines and things we’d like to see in 2020 (but probably won’t)

As the new year rolls around, along with our fresh resolutions and grandiose plans, some of us are holding optimistic – and potentially unrealistic – hopes for the headlines we’ll see this year. These are the articles we’d like to be writing in 2020.


20 best news headlines of 2019

With 90 per cent of news being negative, the whole ordeal leaves me feeling pessimistic. People have a ‘negative bias’, which makes us more interested and responsive to dangerous situations. This means we are more likely to click on negative or scary headlines, allowing some news channels to profit from our fear. But the truth is, things aren’t all bad.


ACCC reacts to tradie price-fixing scandal

Tradesmen are in strife after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission discovered a Facebook group chat the watchdog says amounts to price fixing.


Australia’s best-loved gardening stars go to sea

Award-winning international garden designer, author and TV personality Jamie Durie will join nine other high-profile gardening stars on Cunard’s inaugural gardening voyage when Queen Elizabeth departs Sydney on 1 March 2021.

Health news

‘Tickle’ therapy reduces the effects of ageing, improves quality of life

A bizarre new therapy has been found to reduce the effects of ageing in over-55s, and also led to wellbeing improvements, including better quality of life, mood and sleep.


Friday Funnies: Hamming it up with a three-legged pig

You can’t fail to be impressed by this super-smart pig, but why does he only have three legs?

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