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Government services need to be more 'human', say agencies

'COVID stress syndrome' is widespread and traumatised Australians need help not penalties, say MPs and welfare groups.


Vaccine doubts mean COVID restrictions could remain until 2022

Australia is likely to endure COVID-19 restrictions throughout 2021 because health authorities are unsure about the efficacy of vaccines.


Hang in there Australia - we're only halfway through the COVID maratho

The cold reality is that all the COVID controls we use now will be in place for the next nine to 12 months.


Did Australians drink more at home during COVID lockdowns?

Roy Morgan report reveals just 34 per cent of drinkers are responsible for 77 per cent of all alcohol consumed in Australia.


Saving Medicare: Labor wants a tweak, GPs seek funds injection

Shadow health minister Chris Bowen wants to refresh Medicare, but general GPs say a modest investment could yield big benefits.


Five ventilation tips to reduce COVID risk

Follow these expert suggestions to stay safe when hosting visitors at home this Christmas.


The trends from 2020 that support a positive outlook in retirement

Older Australians can take a bow for the way they have weathered the pandemic storm. Here’s why.


Scientists say we can end the pandemic without a vaccine

Investigators have collated and analysed all they know about wearing face masks and say that if 70 per cent of the population wore a mask, the pandemic could be halted.


Arthritis drug baricitinib could reduce COVID death rate in elderly

Baricitinib, usually used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, could help reduce the death rate among elderly COVID-19 patients.


Indoor restaurants are high-risk locations during the COVID-19 pandemic

Eating inside a restaurant during the pandemic is fraught, with the risk of coronavirus infection 20 times higher inside than outside.


‘Zoom dysmorphia’ propels rise in plastic surgery

Working from home during the pandemic has exacerbated the unhealthy obsession with our appearance, already fostered by social media, leading to ‘Zoom dysmorphia’.


Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine offers hope, challenges

Recent COVID-19 vaccine announcements have been hailed as the “start of the end of the pandemic”, but worldwide inoculation presents massive logistical challenges.

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