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Age Pension valuable to even 'wealthy' retirees, says expert

The Age Pension can potentially offset a one-third fall in a wealthy couple's investment portfolio, according to analysis by Milliman.

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Centrelink Q&A: Can I upsize so I can claim the Age Pension?

Judy wants to sell her home and investment property to become eligible for the pension. Is this a legitimate tactic.

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How to check your eligibility for the $250 economic support payment

The $250 economic support payment is due to be sent to eligible Australians from 27 November. Have your circumstances changed and could you now be in line for a payment?

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Can you use losses on rental properties to offset other income?

Mike has two investment properties and wants to know if losses on one house can offset the income from the other.

Banking & Investment

What is a granny flat interest and how can it help you?

A granny flat interest is an agreement for accommodation for life and can help transfer assets to your children without risking your pension payments.


What happens if you rent out a house to pay for aged care?

Blair is considering renting out his stepfather’s house to pay for his aged care accommodation but wants to know what happens to his pension.

Estate planning & wills

Inheritance rules and the Age Pension explained

Will your windfall mean that you lose your pension?

Centrelink News

Centrelink office wait times 30 per cent longer than 2015–16

Even though fewer Australians are visiting Centrelink, they are waiting much longer, according to a Guardian report.


How the Pension Loans Scheme and Pension Boost can help boost your income

Learn about the Pension Loans Scheme, how it can help you boost your Age Pension, and how Pension Boost can help you apply for it.

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Can you make a downsizer contribution if you sell land?

Yvonne has sold half of her block and wants to know if she can use the downsizer measure.


Centrelink Q&A: What are the rules around sharing property?

Barrie is buying a unit to share with his daughter and wants to know the pension implications.

Federal Budget

Concerns thousands of retirees may miss out on these government handouts

Tens of thousands of unwitting Australians run the risk of missing out on a $500 government payment announced in the Federal Budget earlier this month.

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