Federal Election 2016

The future of super in doubt – again

All the pre-election debate on superannuation reform may be for nought and the close Election 2016 result could, in part, be indicative of voter dismay at the major parties’ super proposals.


Tobacco tax on the radar

A Labor win at the next Federal Election could mean an additional three years of tax increases applied to tobacco, making our cigarette prices among the most expensive in the world.


Super access age increase proposed

The Productivity Commission has found that $7 billion a year could be saved from 2055 by increasing to 65 the age at which Australians can access their super.


Drug policy may save $300 million

A scheme that could save the government $300 million on PBS costs would also encourage drug companies to invest in research into innovative drugs.


Would you share your home?

Homeshare is an innovative model, where young people move in with older Australians and help with household duties in exchange for free or low-rent accommodation.


Abbott safe as PM, for now

The latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll results have allowed Tony Abbott to breathe a sigh of relief as the Coalition made up significant ground in the two-party preferred vote.


Hotel bans cyclists wearing Lycra

A Perth hotel says its “no-Lycra policy” and refusal to serve cyclists at the restaurant was a misunderstanding between management and staff.

Federal Government

What older Australians want

Two seniors advocacy groups have released their policy demands for the 47 per cent of Australians who will vote in September, those aged 50 and over.

NBN advertising a waste

By June 2013, over $52 million will have been spent advertising the NBN

Government backflip on asylum policy

Following an independent report on asylum seekers, produced by an expert panel, the Government has decided to adopt all 22 recommendations, and will today aim to reintroduce its migration bill to Parliament.


Are you insured?

As the devastation reeked by the recent floods becomes evident, people naturally start to worry about how they will rebuild their lives and replace their possessions. Some insurance companies do not cover flood damage however, customers of Apia can have peace of mind that they are covered.


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