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Budget predictions – $1000 mature worker bonus

The pre-budget announcement two weeks ago of the $1000 mature worker bonus got everyone excited, until it was realised that the money was going to businesses who gave older workers a job, to the workers themselves. How far will $1000 go towards improving work prospects for older Australians?

Seniors Finance

Budget predictions – Aged Care reforms

The announcement last week of the Government’s proposed Aged Care reforms in response to the Productivity Commission’s report into caring for older Australians didn’t bring many surprises. But are these reforms enough?

Budget predictions – Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the first government policy in many years that can claim the tag of bi-partisan. While the coalition and state governments are dubious about the funding of an NDIS, this project is ear marked for commencement next year.