The upside of losing an argument

Every now and again walking away or admitting defeat is the best thing you can do.


Divorce after decades of marriage is on the rise

Seven times more Australian spouses have been researching separation during COVID. Why do relationships break down after decades?


Things not to say to someone with insomnia

If someone shares their struggle of insomnia with you ... here's what not to say.


Things not to say to someone on a weight loss journey

The eight things someone on a diet probably doesn't want to hear.


When is your partner turned on?Reading – and creating –the cues

Not everyone has spontaneous desire, some people need certain cues to feel aroused. Here are the four main types.


Topics to tackle if you want to survive retirement with your spouse

A large number of retired Australians are independently navigating their way through their retirement finances without consulting their partners.

Superannuation News

System to make super assets clearer during divorce needed ‘urgently’

Superannuation is considered a household asset, but after divorce or separation some women are walking away without their fair share.


How the pandemic exposed two of the Western world’s biggest fears

COVID-19 exposes some of Western culture's deepest prejudices around death and human remains, ingrained by hundreds of years of past mass death events.


How to handle conversations with a relative expressing racist views

Struggling with how to talk to a family member who makes racist comments? We asked some experts for their advice.


What older women want – in bed

Do women want steamy sex or just a companionable cuddle? Bettina Arndt reveals what really gets women going.


Signs it’s time to step away from a family drama

Here's how to set some healthy boundaries when a relationship turns sour.


Signs you should try sleeping separately

If you're struggling with sleep differences and disturbances, it might be time try a sleeping separately.

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