Living a nightmare, but too scared to escape

While it may not leave any marks, coercive control is a common form of domestic violence. Psychologist Gillian Needleman explains the signs and how to seek help.


How to say no without providing a grovelling explanation

Do you always find yourself over-explaining when you're trying to say no? Setting boundaries is hard, but possible.


Make better decisions with the ‘scout mindset’

Julia Galef's rationalist theory is a way to train yourself out of bad reasoning - and it's gaining a buzz in political circles.

Women's Health

Possible causes of painful orgasms

Here's why orgasms can sometimes be painful - and what you can do about it.


How can I get my marriage back on track?

Columnist and trained counsellor Fiona Caine offers guidance to a woman who is feeling disconnected from her husband.

Mental Health

Men are feeling more disconnected as the pandemic wears on

According to men's mental health charity Movember, men are feeling more disconnected. Here are some ways to restore old connections and make new ones.


Two-thirds of Aussies say money causes most relationship conflict

Research from eharmony shows two-thirds of Australian couples often argue over financial matters.


The upside of losing an argument

Every now and again walking away or admitting defeat is the best thing you can do.


Divorce after decades of marriage is on the rise

Seven times more Australian spouses have been researching separation during COVID. Why do relationships break down after decades?


Things not to say to someone with insomnia

If someone shares their struggle of insomnia with you ... here's what not to say.


Things not to say to someone on a weight loss journey

The eight things someone on a diet probably doesn't want to hear.


When is your partner turned on?Reading – and creating –the cues

Not everyone has spontaneous desire, some people need certain cues to feel aroused. Here are the four main types.

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